Welcome to johnl.co.uk

I currently work for one of the large cinemas chains in the UK, as an Infrastructue Solutions Architect.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping tropical fish, reading and model planes.

More recently I have learnt to programme in Java, whilst I am no expert I know enough to get by.

I have spent a  large amount of time spent in the last few weeks, looking at various Java tools that can be used to improve the way databases are handled.

These included

        Hibernate - ORM
        Liquibase - Database versioning  
        JOOQ - Database Abstraction layer

I have currently ruled out JOOQ, as I am only interested in Open Source or Free solutions. Whilst JOOQ offers a free solution it will only work with Open source database engines.

****** ANNOUNCEMENT ******

It is with great regret that this announcement is being made.

Please note that from 18th August 2015 I am unable to support the changes I have made in the Unicenta code via the forum. I would like to thank everyone who as supported my changes and provided the motivation for me to do the work I did.

If anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them, if sent via email,  as it is the only option I have to do so. Please remember that it may take a little longer to get a reply.


Following on from the above announcement, I have decided to create my own fork of Unicenta, this will include all the work I did and any I have planned for the future.

ChromisPOS was born on the 1st September 2015, it provides the ability for the user to migrate from Unicenta to Chromis, so you will not lose any of your work. As is recommended with all of these type of processes it is recommended that you back up your work first.

Chromispos can be found at