Unicentaopos - My Changes

Below is a list of some of the changes that I introduced into the software, some of these were at the request of members on the forum. 

August 18th

****** ANNOUNCEMENT ******

It is with great regret that this announcement is being made.

Please note that from 18th August I am unable to support the changes I have made in the Unicenta code via the forum.

I would like to thank everyone who as supported my changes and provided the motivation for me to do the work I did.

If anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them, if sent via email,  as it is the only option I have to do so. Please remember that it may take a little longer to get a reply.


August 2nd

New web site launched.

www.chromis.co.uk has been launched. The idea is provide addon's to support Open source POS software. The first of the releases is a order display for kitchens. All details can be found at www.chromis.co.uk

May 9th

Just released version 1.6 of my changes to supplement Unicenta 3.81.

I have also stated to look at JavaFX 2.2, this will mean that all users would have to be running Java 8, to support it correctly. Of course this will all depend upon the direction that Unicenta is taken, by Jack and the dev team.

I know that another release is due shortly and as such, I will now be holding back from releasing anymore new supplementary features until that happens. I may release bug fixes upto that point in time.

Again a word of caution

** As you will now be aware these changes are not included as part of the 3.91 release, upgrading will loose these changes, and leave the database with unused columns, that may cause issues **

Version 1.6 changes list

  • Reprint last transaction
  • New printer choice (will handle USB printer tested on Windows only)
  • Transparent buttons on tables
  • Ability to update price in database from line edit option
  • Option to clear cash drawer opened table after preset period
  • Set the split ticket to only function with 2 or more items on the ticket (idea from Fanzam, without the messagebox), Modified 25.1.15 to use article count rather than line count.
  • Use NVram for logo if available.
  • Bug fix when using auto logoff and send to Kitchen, now returns to tables if set up for return to tables option.
  • Option to change the format of the on screen clock.
  • Some bugs fixes CSV import and possible auxiliary issue.
  • Patch to allow 3.90 user to run my changes
  • Bug fix in auto logoff routine
  • New sales Screen layout
  • User selected button border for products used by above feature
  • New property for product - short name
  • Ability to show product in all category sections
  • QRcode available for ticket receipts if required.
  • Scan routine if selling multiple quantities of the same item fixed
  • New roles panel, using checktree rather than text
  • Ability to only show layaways for logged in user.
  • Layaway button changes colour if there are layaways present.
  • Only allow user to delete from order sent to the kitchen if they have correct permissions
  • Fixed some bugs caused when new fields added, generated error with auxiliary items.
  • Added option to allow the user to delete from permissions table.
  • Added option to use consolidated display, does not work for auxiliary items. This uses the same code as receiptconsolidated, but included in the main code, and can be enabled from the configuration panel.
  • Update receiptconsolidated script to also work with product attributes.
  • Added option to product to set can be discounted.
  • Added new fields to products table for above

April 26th

New Changes: 
My latest changes are on the forum, and now use the Liquibase version tool. It means that my code will no longer use scripts to apply updates to the database structure. It has been tested with Unicenta 3.01 onwards, resulting in a full upgrade to version 3.81, in a single pass. It does not replace any of the template scripts with new ones, I felt that it made sense not to change these as there could be end user changes in the code that would be over written.

As previously mentioned, I can not say if my changes will be included in the future releases of the software, that is down to Jack and the dev team.

February 14th

New Changes: 
I am currently working on significant behind the scene changes, the biggest will be the way that Unicenta handles upgrades. I have a routine that will allow the product to be upgraded, from 3.01 upwards to the latest version. There are more things to come so watch the forum or this space.

January 19th

Reprint Last Ticket Option : 
This will allow the user to reprint the last ticket that was issued on the till.

November 18th

Variable Price Option : 
This allows the user to enter the price of the product and assign it to a product, its initial use was written for a tropical fish shop.

Mandatory Attributes Flag :
If selected forces the attribute box to be displayed, if the associated product is sold.

CSV Import :
Routine to allow the products to be imported from as CSV file, it also allows the prices to be updated using a CSV. Additional reports were added as part of this function to aid in incorrect data analysis.

Tabbed Configuration Screens :
The original configuration screen was a flat panel that included all the options available to the user. With the increase in configuration options that I made available this was not ideal, to make this easier for the user a tabbed layout was introduced.

Startup Screen Graphics :
Allows the user to customize the splash screen with their own graphics. As part of this, the option to allow the user to change the text on the splash screen was also added.

Auto Logoff Function :
A forum user was interested in the option for the user to automatically logoff after a completed sale or a predefined time period. As part of this the send to printer routine was built in to the main code rather than a script, this was required to allow the autologoff function to work correctly.

Pickup Code :
A pickup code can be printed on the bottom of the ticket, this was requested by a number of users. The length of the pickup string is configuired in the ticket setup configuration panel.

Waiter Name on Tables :
The user has the option when using in restaurant mode, to display the waiters name on the table. when in layout view. The configuration also allows the user to set up the colour used for this.

Customer Name on Tables :
This was an expansion of the waiter name on tables function, were it can also display the customers name.

Hide Info Panel :
The user can now hide the info panel at the bottom of the display, allowing more of the screen to be used by the sales screen.

Database Migration Routine :
On the forum there started to appear a large number of questions about moving a live database from the embedded Derby to a system like MySQL or PostgreSQL. A routine that is started from the Unicentaopos folder was written that allows the user to migrate to another database system.

Move Price Imput Box :
This option moves the price, tax, barcode button above the numeric keypad if required.

Added Text Tip Option :
This allows a text tip to be added to the categories if required, this is only available if the user has a mouse available for use.

User Name added to Stock records :
The current user details are added to the Stock records when a user enters any stock deliveries etc.

Cash Drawer Activations :
All cash drawer activations are recorded in a table in the database, this allows for the tracking of 'No Sales' and displays this on the Close cash page. The option is available to automatically clear this data after a preset time period.

Warranty Reciept :
When a product is created the user can insist a receipt is always printed if the product is sold, this is useful for any item that has a warranty where the receipt must be produced if returning for repair etc.

Receipt Number :
The user can fixed the length of the receipt number printed at the bottom of the ticket, this can also have a prefix if required. The default option for printing can also be setup here.

Marina Option :
This was a special request from a user, who was operating a marina, It is link to an external data source created by a 3rd party piece of software. 

Move Cash Close Buttons :
Some user were reporting that the buttons in 'Close Cash' were not accessible in 800 x 600 resolution. The option to reposition these was added.

Ticket Resource 'OK' Button :
Code was added to the ticket resource to allow a larger 'OK' button to be presented after the transaction was complete.

Price Entry in Sales Panel :
The 'OO' option was added as seen on conventional cash registers, to allow the user to enter the price in pence\cents, without the need to press '.'.

User Names Logon Screen :
This was changed so that the user names appeared in alpabetical order rather than user id order.

Gross Profit :
The gross profit for a product was added to the product panel.

Amount Tendered :
New column added to payments table to record the amount tendered in that transaction, this is required for reprint ticket option.

There may be other changes that I have missed of the first list.